12 Ways To Reduce Belly Bloating In 24 Hours

12 Ways To Reduce Belly Bloating In 24 Hours

Belly bloat is unwelcome at any time but if it hits just before a special occasion, it can really ruin a great event.

That body-conscious dress you were looking forward to wearing now makes you look a little pregnant, those trousers are pulling and feel restrictive round your waist and no one wants to wear a bikini when they’re feeling especially self-conscious!

Belly bloat is actually quite easy to combat so if you want to get rid of excess water quickly, read our fantastic, tried and tested tips to reducing belly bloating in 24 hours.

1. Get Rid of Chewing Gum

12 Ways To Reduce Belly Bloating In 24 Hours

If you want fresh breath, brush your teeth or swish some mouthwash around your mouth for a minute, chewing gum makes you inhale excess air and that leads to unnecessary bloating in your tummy.

It’s an easy item to cut out of your day!

2. Drink Lots of Water

12 Ways To Reduce Belly Bloating In 24 Hours

Contrary to what you might believe, not drinking water leads to belly bloat!

You should drink good old H2O regularly to keep your system going.

Drinking more will make you go to the toilet more and that gets rid of water retention.

Unfortunately, water retention is one of the biggest reasons why you experience belly bloating.

Drink at least 2 liters a day to fight against the bulge!

3. Really Chew Your Food

12 Ways To Reduce Belly Bloating In 24 Hours

When you don’t chew food well, your body has to work harder to digest it.

It also leads to indigestion which results in more air getting into your tummy, which also makes you gassy.

When you eat, think about how you chew your food.

Chew it again and again until it almost liquidizes in your mouth, then it’s ready to swallow.

Chewing slowly also helps your body to register that it’s full so stops you over-eating.

This is a truly brilliant anti-bloating tip.

4. Cut out All Salt

12 Ways To Reduce Belly Bloating In 24 Hours

Sodium is a big culprit when it comes to a swollen tummy so eliminate it out of your diet.

Stop salting your food when you cook and resist the urge to reach for the salt before you eat.

It just takes a little getting used to but you will definitely see a difference.

5. Incorporate these Foods into your Day

12 Ways To Reduce Belly Bloating In 24 Hours

Try grapefruit, kale and Greek yogurt.

All of these help to speed up the metabolism and won’t lay in your stomach causing discomfort.

Egg white is also a good beat-the-bloat food, have a scrambled egg white with a sprinkle of pepper for breakfast, it will help to set your stomach up nicely for the day so it doesn’t instantly bloat up.

Celery is another great anti-bloating food, and it’s low calorie too so if you snack on it you don’t need to feel guilty!

Remember, fiber-rich foods can help to improve your metabolic rate naturally and a faster metabolism usually equals less bloating.

6. Avoid these Foods

12 Ways To Reduce Belly Bloating In 24 Hours

If you want your stomach to stay flat for a big occasion, definitely skip sugar, caffeine and alcohol, these definitely add to bloating.

Wheat is another culprit and easy to remove from your diet.

In fact, if you can, go gluten-free, this is excellent at reducing any excess gas in your stomach.

7. Try Peppermint Tea or Hot Water with Lemon

12 Ways To Reduce Belly Bloating In 24 Hours

A peppermint tea is excellent for digestion and will help to move food through your system successfully.

It is excellent for battling bloating and many people swear by it.

Another good trick that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine is to switch out coffee or tea with a glass of hot water with a little lemon juice.

This is excellent for kick-starting your system as it gets rid of toxins and impurities in your digestive system and tummy, perfect for reducing bloating.

8. Ban all Fizzy Drinks

12 Ways To Reduce Belly Bloating In 24 Hours

Possibly the worst culprit is anything carbonated, even water as the bubbles create excess air in your tummy.

No more Diet Coke, lemonade or similar drinks.

Stick with water or herbal teas.

9. Try French Maritime Bark Supplement

12 Ways To Reduce Belly Bloating In 24 Hours

This is great for getting rid of excess water in the body and it’s a completely natural herbal supplement that has worked on millions across the globe.

Take one to 3 capsules a day with water and you should experience less water retention, including in your tummy.

10. Limit Root Vegetables

12 Ways To Reduce Belly Bloating In 24 Hours

Along with beans and pulses, root vegetables give you excess wind and you know what that means – a bloated tummy so don’t eat them if you have a special occasion and you need to look svelte!

11. Do not add Sweetener to Food or Drinks

12 Ways To Reduce Belly Bloating In 24 Hours

Did you know that sweetener also adds to bloating?

That’s because there is too much sugar alcohol in artificial sweeteners and artificially sweetened foods.

It’s best to cut out sweetener and sugar altogether, for a flatter, leaner stomach.

12. If All Else Fails… Get Allergy Tested

12 Ways To Reduce Belly Bloating In 24 Hours

If you’ve tried all of the above tips and more but you still experience a bloated stomach then there might be an underlying issue that you need to explore.

Contact a medical professional and perhaps organize some food testing.

It’s possible you have a food intolerance or allergy such as lactose or gluten.

Once you’ve been tested you will be able to pinpoint the exact problem and change your habits so your tummy is as you want it to be, flatter and with less discomfort.

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